Heat stress management in :
  • Mining Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Glass Making
  • Metal Refining
  • Baking
  • Commercial Catering
  • Traffic Police

Complicated Heat Stress Measurement - Made Intuitive:

Heat stress management is often viewed as complex and time-consuming. Those assigned this task are commonly intimidated by the calculation of the WBGT (Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature) index used to measure the potential for heat stress. And beyond measurement of WBGT is the question of what to do with the data collected and how to transfer findings into a heat stress management program.

3M Detection Solutions helps simplify heat stress management with the brilliantly intuitive QUESTemp° family of heat stress monitors.
  • QUESTemp° area heat stress monitors measure parameters including tem perature and relativity humidity and compute the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, the generally accepted value for gauging human heat stress.
  • QUESTemp° II personal heat stress monitor measures a worker’ s bodily response to the environment.
  • 3MTM Detection Management Software allows easy download of data for charting, reporting and interpreting measurements.

The data these instruments provide, along with features designed to make your job easier and supporting 3MTM Detection Management Software, offer safety professionals a powerful solution to help establish a heat stress management program.

The 3M™ QUESTemp° Heat Stress Monitor QT-44 offers high quality heat stress monitoring without the hassle of wet-bulb maintenance. This model measures/calculates the dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperatures along with WBGT indoors, WBGT outdoors, relative humidity and Heat Index/Humidex.
  • Kit includes QUESTemp°™ 44 unit with 2" style globe sensor and standard accessories
  • Measure/calculate dry bulb, wet bulb & globe temperature, WBGT indoor/outdoor, relative humidity and Heat Index/Humidex
  • Real time clock provides accurate reporting with time stamping


  • Trusted.
    • Utilizes WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) sensing technology; the standard for heat stress management
    • Intrinsic safety available on select models
  • Versatile.
    • Traditional wet bulb sensing technology available on QUESTemp° models 32, 34, and 36
    • Waterless wet bulb on QUESTemp° models 44, 46, 48N eliminate daily maintenance
    • Convenient stay time parameters per multiple standards help determinework-rest ratios
  • Rugged
    • IP 54 ingress rating helps protect unit from exposure to dirt, dust, oil and water
    • Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in demanding environments

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