Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature Waterproof Meter with Galvanic Probe

This is a heavy-duty portable waterproof meter for DO (Dissolved Oxygen) and temperature measurements, designed to provide laboratory results and accuracy even under harsh industrial conditions.

  • DO readings displayed in ppm or % saturation units
  • DO calibration at 1 or 2 standard points (0 and 100%), or at 1 custom point (>20%)
  • Galvanic DO probe with built-in temperature sensor
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Log-on-demand
  • Setup mode for setting altitude & salinity compensation factors, temperature measure unit (°C or °F), serial communication parameters, date & time, auto-off, instrument

ID code
  • HOLD feature to freeze stable reading on the LCD
  • GLP feature to view last calibration data
  • PC interface via RS232 port

Galvanic probe

Unlike polarographic probes, Galvanic DO probes do not require any conditioning time when the unit is switched on, saving time when many measurements are required.

This instrument offers high performance at an affordable price!

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