Automatic agar preparator and dispenser, Agarster ECO Mini

This bench top, convenient media preparator for GLP compliance is used for preparing, sterilising and holding up to 3 litres of agar at dispensing temperature. GLP requirements recommend fresh culture for better selectivity, growth and morphological characteristics of colonies. This automatic media preparator is easy to use and to maintain, and facilitates the planning of media production throughout the day/week. The need for glassware and hot vessel/container transfer is eliminated. With microprocessor controlled programmable process cycles and heat generated by a reinforced element, each lot can be monitored for quality control. The system includes an airtight lid equipped with steam safety valve, inner chamber pressure gauge, agar dispensing connector, thermocouple, screw cap opening for adding heat-sensitive substances and lifting handle. The system also has a water cooling coil for automatically cooling the agar temperature to dispensing temperature after sterilisation. Maximum sterilisation temperature: 125 °C.

  • Compact structure, stainless steel housing (AISI 304) and internal chamber
  • User instruction printed on the panel
  • Electromagnetic agitation system
  • Control panel with digital display of sterilisation time and set/actual temperature
  • Strict control of sterilisation parameters for production reproducibility