• Headspace analysis
  • Dissolved Oxygen analysis
  • Shelf life studies
  • Closure testing
  • O2 scavenger evaluation and characterization
  • Line start up evaluations
  • Leak detection
  • Anaerobic environment monitoring
One Click Oxygen Measurements. The Ideal Solution for Smaller Labs!

Our base model offers the ideal solution for conducting non-invasive or invasive measurements in oil, water or air. The OxySense® 325i, which requires a computer interface, will perform most of the functions of the 5250i including non-invasive headspace analysis for packages, bottles and blister packs; package material and design evaluation; closure design and evaluation; MAP production start up monitoring; research and development; QC and assurance, as well as product oxidation studies.

The OxySense 325i is particularly ideal for smaller labs, companies considering bringing their oxygen testing requirements in-house for the first time and companies looking for a low-cost solution.
  • Simple one click oxygen measurements
  • Automatic data logging with real time graphical and log display
  • Optional SampleTracker bar code software for managing multiple tests and samples
  • Integrated report writer with graph and log capability
  • New EasAlign Pen with integrated capture switch for easy measurement
  • Integrated temperature and pressure compensation
  • Invasive measurement with optional adapter and needles
  • Complies fully with the ASTM standard F2714-08

  • Can be used for non-invasive and invasive measurements in oil, water and air
  • Permits multiple measurements over time on the same package
  • Low cost sensors
  • Eliminates risk of sample contamination or leaks
  • Improved accuracy through real time, real world measurement
  • No pumps or electro chemical cells to maintain and replace or calibrate.