To meet the sterilization requirements in:
  • microbiology
  • medicine
  • podiatry
  • tattooing
  • body piercing
  • veterinary science
  • mycology
  • dentistry
  • prosthetics fabrication.
Autoclave, VWR VAPOUR-Line lite:

AISI 340 stainless steel housing, easy to maintain and disinfect, aluminium inner chamber and ABS insulating lid with locking system.
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic thermoregulation
  • Digital temperature and sterilisation time display
  • Automatic ventilation valve and electronic temperature cut-off safety protection system
  • Reinforced heating element and PT100 accurate thermoprobe
  • Automatic sterilisation programmes
  • Instructions are GLP and EN 17205 compliant.

Autoclave, field, Field-Koch

The Field -Koch cylindrical chamber autoclave has a single wall, die cast alloy structure. The units have a pressure gauge, a safety valve, lid locking system, an automatic breather valve and an automatic pressure regulator valve.
  • Ideal for field use, can be used with any heat source, even a naked flame
  • Conforms to WHO and UNICEF specifications

Top Loading VAPOUR-Line Eco autoclaves

Inside pressure vessel and outside structure made in AISI 304 stainless steel mirror finished grade

Easy to use, automatic, flexible, reliable and convenient autoclave for all standard laboratory procedures with some special features as F₀ calculation and liquid sterilisation with flexible thermoprobe (for 50 l model).

  • User friendly programmer, instructions printed on the panel
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Fully automatic with GLP special functions
  • Reliable: 10 years warranty against perforating corrosion
  • Customisable programmes
  • Safety: ABS insulating lid with vertical position lock – temperature dependent lid lock
  • Flexible PT100 thermoprobe for eco 50 (fixed for eco 25), can be positioned into the liquid load (max 50 ml recommended)
  • Conform to European PED regulations, CE mark.