Bioquell HPV-BIs can be used by many different sectors including 
  • food processing
  • pharmaceutical production
  • life sciences
  • defence
  • healthcare.
Applications include 
  • validation
  • re-validation
  • cycle development 
  • efficacy testing of new equipment.
BQ BIs, CIs, Peroxide engineered to work together with BQ equipment. They achieve robust, rapid, repeatable, optimal bio-decon cycles. 

Biological indicators (HPV-BI)

Biological Indicator Type: 6-log Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC 12980

Bioquell HPV-BI is a biological indicator that has been specifically designed for HPV bio-decontamination processes. It is inoculated with 6-log Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC 12980 endospores to provide assurance that a 6-log reduction of the bioburden is achieved on every HPV bio-decontamination cycle. HPV-specific biological indicators are commonly inoculated with bacterial endospores due to their resistance to many different decontamination processes, including HPV.

Bioquell HPV-BI has been designed to be a high-quality, consistent and reliable biological indicator. The Bioquell HPV-BI inoculum is produced from a traceable type culture stain (ATCC 12980) and prior to inoculation on the carrier disc, the endospores undergo a set of intricate cleaning steps to remove surplus media and cellular debris. In addition, the shape and surface finish of the carrier disc facilitates the even distribution of the spores across the disc..

Technical specifications
  • Specification: Biological indicators to provide assurance of a 6-log reduction in bioburden following a HPV bio-decontamination cycle.Type: 6-log Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC 12980 Suitable for all Bioquell HPV generators.
  • Wallet sizes: 20 BI indicator pouches per individual foil wallet
  • Box sizes: Boxes carry 1 or 5 foil wallets*

  • Biological indicator specifically designed for hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination process
  • 6-log efficacy challenge
  • High quality formulation ensuring reliable and consistent results

Chemical indicators (HPV-CI)
Bioquell HPV-CI is a simple visual indicator of the effectiveness of a Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) bio-decontamination cycle. It has been developed to complement standard biological indicators*.

Each pack of Bioquell HPV-CI contains indicator cards with a series of symbols that change colour when exposed to Bioquell HPV. These symbols use a colour-changing chemical dye specifically designed for Bioquell’s HPV bio-decontamination process. When the required bio-decontamination conditions have been met, the indicator symbols change from blue towards white.

During the HPV bio-decontamination cycle, or immediately after completion of the cycle, the colour of the indicator symbol can be compared with pre-printed reference colours (shown as halos) on the card. These reference colours provide a visual indication of the progressive (2-log, 4-log, 6-log and >6-log) reduction in bioburden in relation to a biological indicator with a D-value of 1.75 minutes. The change in colour helps to provide an instant indication of the efficacy of a Bioquell HPV cycle. This efficacy can be later confirmed following the seven day incubation period of standard biological indicators.

Additionally, HPV-CIs can be used to determine the distribution of Bioquell’s HPV within a room or enclosure. This allows a rapid assessment of potential problematic areas and the impact of any products/equipment/furniture within the target environment. From this assessment, the deployment of Bioquell HPV equipment or specific cycle parameters can be reviewed and further bio-decontamination cycles conducted if necessary, helping to minimise the time taken to reach an assured cycle. Again, the efficacy and coverage can be later confirmed following the seven day incubation period of standard biological indicators.
Technical specification
  • Specification: Visual indicator cards with a chemical indicator to signify a 2-log, 4-log, 6-log or >6-log reduction in bioburden with a pre-determined D-value of 1.75 minutes following a bio-decontamination cycle using Bioquell HPV technology*   Colour change from blue towards white. Suitable for all Bioquell HPV generators
  • Wallet sizes: 20 CI cards per foil wallet
  • Box sizes : Boxes carry 1 or 5 foil wallets
Key features
  • Chemical indicator designed for Bioquell’s HPV bio-decontamination process
  •  Simple, visible indication of a successful HPV bio-decontamination cycle
  •  Rapid and easy to read: real-time result

Each Bioquell HPV-CI card offers a large indicator area allowing easy readout and interpretation. This indicator area changes from blue towards white during a Bioquell HPV bio-decontamination cycle. The colour change from blue towards white is obvious and easily identifiable. The colour of the indicator portion has been designed to match the reference halos (2-log, 4-log or 6-log) at the corresponding point of the log reduction in Geobacillus stearothermophilus biological indicators. At >6-log, the indicator portion becomes white*.

On the indicator card, space is also provided for writing bio-decontamination process details e.g. location used, item processed.

Each batch of Bioquell HPV-CI is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent characteristics are achieved. Lot numbers are provided on each chemical indicator for product traceability and audit purposes.

Bioquell | HPV-AQ - Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Get optimal performance from your hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) generator with Bioquell HPV-AQ hydrogen peroxide solution.

  • High quality 35% w/w aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution,
  • Evaluated for use with advanced hydrogen peroxide generators
  • Registered & notified in many EU countries.
  • Designed with RFID label technology for traceability and auditing*
Bioquell HPV-AQ is a high quality, high purity aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution designed for use with advanced hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) generators. It is formulated to ensure consistent efficacy from validated cycles as measured by a 6-log reduction in microbial burden, verified using biological indicators.

Features and Benefits
Bioquell HPV-AQ is manufactured to ensure robust stability with a consistent hydrogen peroxide concentration coupled with a good shelf life. The number of stabilizer additives have been minimised to provide a greater assurance of the quality of the hydrogen peroxide whilst ensuring low residue levels. Bioquell HPV-AQ bottles are filled in various countries around the world to help reduce our carbon footprint and they can be recycled when rinsed according to our manufacturer’s instructions.