• Environmental Monitoring
  • Sterility Testing
  • Bioburden Testing

The Growth Direct™ System consists of an automated imaging instrument that analyzes user-prepared proprietary consumables called Growth Cassettes™. The system and consumables were designed to optimize test performance and ease-of-use. In addition to rapid enumeration of microbes compared to the culture method, a major attribute of the Growth Direct™ System is the automated handling and analysis capability that reduces hands-on time required by technical staff.
  • The growth direct system is the first and only automated system that addresses all key microbial QC applications like sterility, environmental monitoring water and bioburden
  • Rapid micro biosystem's growth  direct test uses digital imaging technology that automatically enumerates micro colonies days earlier than the traditional plate methods 
  • The system  captures the fluroscence (autofluroscence) that is emitted by all living cells
  • A positive result will be available within hours and a final result in about half the time of  the compendial test 
  • The system monitors tthe internal opeations of incubators including tempearatutre humidity and capacity 
  • Growth direct automatic detection methods can minimize manual errors and ultimately reduce expenses 
  • For sterility testing the system ensures the oxygen free status of the anaerobic sample 
  • Different incubation temperatures can be programmed in single unit

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