Typically used with collecting devices such as:

1.  Sorbent sample tubes and long-duration detector tubes for collecting most hazardous chemical gases and vapours from the air

2.  Cyclones for collecting respirable dust

3.  IOM samplers for collecting inhalable dust

4.  Filters for collecting total dust, asbestos, or chemical hazards

5.  Impingers for collecting reactive chemicals into liquids  
The Sidekick sampling pump - a favorite with SKC customers. Reliability and simplicity make it a good entry level pump, whilst high build quality, means it won’t let you down.

All models offer a wide flow range of 5-3000 ml/min, which means the Sidekick is suitable for dust and gas sampling projects. The lower flows are achieved with the constant pressure controller and low flow adaptor.

Pump Models

Available in 3models, you have a choice of intrinsically safe versions and a standard non I/S model which offers good value for money. Two ATEX approved models are available.
  • 224-50MH : Standard pump with simple on/off control.Non-intrinsically safe model.
  • 224-51MTX: Intermediate pump with simple on/off control. Intrinsically safe model.
  • 224-52MTX: Deluxe pump with simple on/off control and elapsed time display. Intrinsically safe model.


The Sidekick is the lightweight, inexpensive workhorse pump designed for rugged and repeated use. Measuring approximately 14.5 x 7.9 x 5.7 cm and weighing only 465g (ATEX approved models 575g), the small size, lightweight, and durable construction allows the Sidekick to withstand the rigors of on-worker use time and time again.

Rechargeable batteries provide a reliable power source which can be restored overnight.

  • Lightweight personal sampling pumps
    • 224-50MH - 465g
    • 224-51MTX - 575g
    • 224-52MTX - 575g
  • Operating range: 5-3000 ml/min (5-500ml/min and the flow is compensated to ±5%, requires adapter) suitable for dust and gas sampling projects
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery pack with a typical run time of 8 hours at 3L/min with 15 inches of water back pressure.
  • Battery eliminators for running the pump continuously from mains electricity (ATEX certification is invalidated)
  • The pump controls are situated beneath a clear anti-tamper cover
  • Built in replaceable filter to trap particles that would otherwise contaminate the pump mechanism
  • The Intermediate and Deluxe models (224-51MTX and 224-52MTX) comply with the EC ATEX Directive 94/9/EC on equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as intrinsically safe to EEx ia IIC T4, for use in Europe. The standard model (224-50MH) is not ATEX approved
  • Deluxe Sidekick (224-52MTX). The pump also has a timer with LCD to indicate the run time battery status and flow fault.