• IAQ Investigation
  • Industrial Hygiene Quality Control
  • Occupational Safety and Health Testing
  • US GBC LEED certification
Providing high level of functionality and monitoring capability, the Aeroqual Series can be used portably or fixed in position. The monitor is compatible with the full range of Aeroqual gas sensors. The remote sensor head adaptor kit is designed to allow the sensor head to be located up to 46 ft away from the main unit.

  • Remote sensor capability
  • Alarm and Analog output available
  • Detects CO, CO2, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Ozone, VOC and over 30 other gases. 
  • It is simple, easy-to-use, low cost monitor.
  • Multi gas sensor heads are available for survey applications.
  • The gas monitor is fully compatible with all gas sensors. 
  • Sensor heads for handheld units are interchangeable without recalibration of main unit . 
  • Handheld gas monitors are suitable for indoor , industrial and outdoor air quality monitoring . 
  • Compatible with over 30 different interchangeable sensor heads , one monitor can be used to measure