• Compute true wind direction
  • Other ship communication
  • Military Use
  • Research Use Ex: North Pole, South Pole Studies
WEATHERPAK® is used on ships that require True wind calculations, both port and starboard wind data, on larger military vessels, and on research vessels.

The WEATHERPAK® shipboard weather station employs a powerful 32-bit microcontroller (ZENO® 3200 datalogger) – affording it sophisticated processing abilities. The WEATHERPAK is capable of computing True winds from its own independent GPS receiver.

WEATHERPAK® employs its own compass to compute true wind direction. Advanced computing power also allows it to consider both port and starboard systems, to determine which is upwind, correct to true wind, then report that data. It is also powerful enough to communicate with other ships’ sensors via RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485.


  • WEATHERPAK® contains all the standard sensors and eliminates all cables and all connectors; (cables and connectors are the weakest point on any marine system)
  • WEATHERPAK® is double O-ring sealed; all electronics are protected with this seal; there is no desiccant to change out or any maintenance!
  • WEATHERPAK® external housing is constructed of Military-Standard 6061-T6 anti-corrosive aluminum
  • External housing is coated with a baked-on thermoplastic resin
  • A WEATHERPAK® can be removed or replaced in service in less than 60 seconds
  • Most sensors can be replaced or removed in less than 60 minutes
  • Every wire in or out is protected from radar, radios and electrical interference

  • WEATHERPAK® can measure and calculate both True and Relative winds in any situation (using the built-in GPS and Compass combined)
  • Dual WEATHERPAK® systems can perform Auto-Upwind switching – so that the best data is always reported to the ship’s systems (manual override is also provided)
  • Other sensors can be added in addition to the standard; common add-on sensors are: water temperature, visibility, solar radiation (global, long, short wave)
  • Compass is at top of WEATHERPAK®  and not much affected by ship’s metal – but if necessary compass can be “swung” for calibration

  • WEATHERPAK® can be set to average data at any rate – typically it is set for a 5 second average
  • WEATHERPAK® has an auto-reboot if it encounters any problem during operation
  • Any sensor can be added at any time (follow manual instructions, specify this option when ordering)
  • Firmware is optimized for weather and environmental measurements and calculations
  • Alarms can be set on any measurement or calculation
  • Can send out NMEA-0183, ASCII or other formats or several different formats to different ships systems
  • Supports repeaters