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SWAN – A turnkey solution provider!

Swan has proven experience in providing turnkey solutions. Besides supplying and Installing & commissioning of environmental monitoring analyzers, Swan has proven expertise to execute jobs associated with environmental monitoring analyzers that range from Civil to mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.

Swan has over 300 such installations spread over in India. Such installations often include supply of shelters (to house the analyzers and other supporting components), data acquisition systems (DAS), Data Communication Systems (DCS), UPS, digital display boards, fire extinguishers, lightning arrestors, cables, cable trays, solenoid valves, isolation valves, sample drawing pumps, Protocol converters, A/D cards, cables, cable trays, GPRS/GSM modems, Wi-Fi modems etc.,

Our site activities include civil related jobs as required for supplied shelters (making platform for shelters), constructing earth pits, erecting lightning arrestors where required, fabricating supporting structure – platform-shelter for digital display boards (as big as 6’X6’), cables laying, plumbing as part of sample drawing systems, pneumatic tubing, installation & commissioning etc.,

A typical AAQMS (Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station) project executed by Swan appears as below:

A typical multiple AAQMS (Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station) project executed by Swan appears below:

Swan turnkey solutions often bring AAQMS, CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems), Stack Dust monitors together. A typical system is shown below:

With such vast experience and expertise in providing turnkey solutions, Swan is currently working on online EQMS (Effluent Quality Monitoring Station) packages.

Swan can offer a unified turnkey solution comprising of AAQMS, CEMS, Stack dust monitoring and EQMS, with data from individual packages seamlessly integrated in DAS for monitoring and for uploading to state and central PCBs.