•  Purification of Fuel Oils for emergency power generators

•  Purification of Lubricating Oils 

•  Purification of Rollin Oil, Quenching Oil and Hydraulic Oil

•  Purification of Waste Oil 

•  Removal of foreign matters from lost-wax 

• Clarification of lacquer and solvent type paint. 

•  "Solid-Liquid" separation of resin and slurry containing organic solvents

•  Recovery of catalyses

•  Pressurized "Solid-liquid" separation of heavy oil and waste plastics at high temperature. 

•  TRV Decanters play a majot role in the PET plants. 
Many TSM Decanters are employed in he sludge volume reducing process of the wastewater treatment plants. They are also installed in feces, garbage and cattle-stall effluent treatment plants. TSM stands for the Triple-Saving Machine. It reduces maintenance labor, power consumption and flocculant consumption. 

  • Compactly built machine 
  • Low Noise: The optional cover reduces it further down to 80dB or less 
  • Easy and Quick Installation: limited number of anchor bolts 
  • Little Power Consumption: 20-40% less than the conventional ones 
  • Wear resistive tile chips on the screw conveyor flight: less spare parts and less repair expenses
  • Both the TSM dewaterer and thickener accomplish high solid recovery. 
  • As the liquid collecting cover and the discharge port are separated, this unit can be disassembled without disconnecting the liquid piping's from the unit.