• Agricultural production process
  • Crop planning
  • Environmental and Green house applications
Agricultural activities are very sensitive to climate and weather conditions. The agriculture activities many depend on weather conditions. This will help the farmer to know the crop planning.  For environmental and Green house applications.

The data is also used full for crop insurance & Govt Decisions.

Real time meteorological information can also be effectively used in agricultural production process.

Equipment Specification
  • Win speed, Wind director, Air temperature, Air Humidity, Dew point, Rain fall, solar Radiation, Evapotranspiration and 5 external sensors like( soil temperature, external temperature, soil moisture, co2, Leaf wetness, soil Moisture with EC & Temp, etc.,
  • Accurate, real-time weather information directly 
  • Non- volatile memory,
  •  IP-66 enclosed for weather proof connectors
  • Using the LCD Display we can check current & daily high/low reading 
  • Operated by AA Alkaline batteries
  • Communicate via cable, wireless, cellular & shuttle
  • Plant Disease forecast weather station for  Grape, apple/Pear, turf, Potato, Tomato cherry

By using this forecast station, we can predict the disease, insect, etc., and plan for the same, well in advance.

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