Food Industry
Texture analysis is primarily concerned with measurement of the mechanical properties of a product, often a food product, as they relate to its sensory properties detected by humans. This will help us to know the profile of the products. Texture analyzers perform this test by applying controlled forces to the product and recording its response in the form of force, deformation and time.

Equipment Specifications
  • Load cells from 0-50kg(0-50000g)
  • Accuracy: 0.5%
  • Easy replace sensors

Features & Benefits

  • The FTA can be controlled with your own software .  The control functions can be accessed through a DLL file.  Integrating the FTA with existing QA software systems should not take longer than two hours of programming.   
  • Software can be configured to allow for customised output data and enables the FTA data to be incorporated into existing quality control systems.
  • The electronic measure system ensures accurate, reliable firmness readings .
  • All operating parameters can be regulated via the control PC (probe speed, calibration, threshold load, depth).
  • The motorized system eliminates operator discrepancies and ensures accurate test distance (depth).
  • Low maintenance - NO lubrication or adjustments are required.
  • Electronic speed control ensures accurate probe speed and also ensures that tests are carried out under standard conditions.
  • Software to generate reports from the recorded data is included in the package .
  • Built-in safety features protect against overload.
  • Measuring units: Firmness:  kg, pounds, Newton ;  Depth:  millimeter, inch.

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