For soil testing
Soil parameters play a key role in agriculture for plant growth. So measuring soil is important.  Instant reading with digital display/ colorimeter test / titrate test.  The entire chemical, grass ware required for soil test is available in this kit. Need not bring the same to lab for sample analysis. You take the decision immediately in the field itself.

SMART 3 Electronic Soil Lab

The LaMotte Model SCL-12 is designed to provide the landowner, consultant, or fertilizer specialist with a method for achieving immediateand economical soil analyses in the field without sacrificing accuracy.

The Model SCL-12 is a self-contained, electronic soil analysislaboratory that provides accurate answers anywhere for fifteen soil factors, including available forms of macronutrients and criticalmicronutrients. The SMART 3 Colorimeter instantly analyzes color reactions developed in nutrient tests. Display readings are multiplied bya conversion factor specific to each test to provide a result in parts per million (ppm) or pounds per acre (lb/acre)—no further calculationsare necessary. The simplified test procedures provide at least 20 tests for each soil nutrient.

Each accurately standardized system isfurnished in an individual plastic module for quick distinction. All tests are performed in minutes on easy-to-prepare soil extracts, basedon Mehlich I extraction. Critical soil pH measurements are performed quickly and reliably with a battery-powered pH 5 meter. The metermeasures the pH of a one-to-one solution of soil and distilled water over the range of 0-14 pH units to a sensitivity of ±0.01 pH. Soluble Saltlevels in soils and irrigation waters are monitored accurately with a TDS 6 meter, measuring Dissolved Salts from 0-999+ ppm.

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AST-15 Agricultural Soil Testing Outfit

This line of combination soil analysis outfits offers the finest visual color matching system available to today's agronomist. Technically advanced reagent systems and unique extraction procedures based on the Mehlich I extraction provide fast, simple and extremely accurate soil testing.

Soil nutrients are drawn from the test sample, providing a clear liquid extract. The addition of an indicator reagent to the clear extract produces a color reaction in direct proportion to the nutrient concentration in the test solution. The developed color is read against permanent, translucent color standards provided in the Octa-Slide 2 Comparator. The result is a simple and distinct color match over a broad test range.

Tests for calcium, magnesium and chloride are performed with an easy-to-use Direct Reading Titrator. Reagent is dispensed into the sample solution extract until an endpoint color change is reached, then results are read directly from the titrator in parts per million.

Measurement of potassium is conducted with a unique turbidity tube system. Copper is determined by means of a drop count method, and humus is measured against a color chart index with five color standards. The AST outfits also include simplified procedures for screening of nitrates, phosphorus and potassium in plant tissues.

Both Model AST outfits are furnished in rugged, lightweight carrying cases with components securely mounted in removable foam-lined trays. This format permits easy conversion from an in-store lab to service in the field. Each kit includes simplified and complete instructions, a pad of soil analysis report forms, instructions for collecting representative soil samples and a copy of the LaMotte Soil Handbook. This handbook contains charts with data on the nutrient needs of various crops. It also contains general information on using soil test results to determine actual lime and fertilizer requirements for optimal plant growth.

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