Increase soil fertility by using microbial growth
Mikros Agri BOOST is a bioorganic solution for enhancing plants, vegetables and ornamentals, by development. Allowing faster growth, earlier flowering and sustained fruiting periods through better root. The Mikros AgriBOOST contains a naturally enriched microbial consortium of rhizo bacteria and other beneficial micro-organisms which stimulate existing soil microbial life to create a soil environment which is more conducive for theabsorption of nutrients.

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Mikros COMPOS is a fast-acting bio-organic solution specially formulated for making premium organic compost from a large variety of solid organic waste. Mikros COMPOS contains naturally enriched microbial consortia of thermophilic, anaerobic and decomposing micro-organisms which work synergistically, rapidly and effectively to convert a large variety of raw materials into highly effective compost.

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