• Aquaculture
The Mikros range of solutions BioPOND, NUTRI and AquaCLEAN have been tested extensively in successive grow-outs in commercial aquaculture farms in Asia ranging from 5 hectares to 50 hectares. They have also been tested under different water conditions – varying pH and salinity – and when used in tandem, they consistently show superior water quality, higher productivity gains in ABW and FCR vs. the standards claimed by commercial feed manufacturers for L. vannamei, P. monodon, M. rosenbergii, tilapia, catfish and milkfish cultures.

Mikros NUTRI-α

It is a phytosynbiotic – a naturally enriched lactic acid bacterial consortia co-cultured with botanicals such as beans – specially formulated for high enzymatic performance to significantly improve the digestion and assimilation of feeds by all types of fishes and shrimps.

Other cost savings due to improvement in parameters such as:
  • Increased survivability by as much as 30% during the grow-out phase
  • Reduced feed conversion ratio (FCR) by up to 30% compared to commercial feeds

Procedure: Mix 100g in 5 litter of water let the mixture stand for at least 30 mins, spray into 500kg of feeds

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Mikros BioPOND
It is a bio-organic solution for increasing the productivity of fish and shrimp cultivation by creating a clean and conducive pond environment during the grow-out period

Procedure: Mix 100g into 1 litre of water let mixture stand for at least 6 hours dilute further with 200 liters of water and spread into pond volume of upto 5,000m3

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