• Package material and design evaluation
  • Closure Design and Evaluation
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Research and Development
  • Competitive Analysis
The all-in-one OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System is the ideal solution when you want to begin to, or expand your OTR capabilities and capacity without breaking the budget. Bring your OTR testing in-house: you control the cost, consistency, and calendar. With the OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System, users are able to conduct an unlimited number of permeation tests on films, bottles and finished packages, simultaneously. And with the emphasis on improvements in package cost/performance, this new resource can be your solution!

Adapt an unlimited number of Permeation Chambers
The OxySense Permeation Chamber, with the OxySense OTR software package allows you to use your OxySense instrument to perform flat film OTR studies and still have the instrument available for finished package OTR studies, head space analysis and dissolved oxygen studies.
Patent US8567236

Adapt an unlimited number of BottlePerm Fixtures
The OxySense BottlePerm Fixture, with the OxySense OTR (oxygen transmission rate) software package, allows you to use your oxygen analyzer OxySense 5250i to perform OTR and closure evaluation on bottles and cups. It provides easy flushing and sealing on a large range of bottle neck sizes regardless of the thread size.

The OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System is an add-on to the unique OxySense® 5250i oxygen analyzer solution, and offers accurate and timely oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing for films, bottles and finished packages at a price well below that of dedicated permeation systems available in the market today.


  • Unlimited simultaneous test of films and packages
  • No expensive continuously flowing gases during use or downtime to preserve the sensor
  • No annual maintenance or expensive sensor calibration and replacement
  • No risk of expensive sensor damage from condensation
  • Eliminates art-form of estimating OTR via carrier gas – when are we done?
  • Uses robust, data driven flourescence oxygen sensing technology known as Dynamic Accumulation
  • Sensors are not consumed over time by exposure to oxygen
  • Viable alternative to steady state, isostatic method
  • One sensor for all types of barrier films
  • Unlimited simultaneous test of films, bottles and packages using the permeation chamber * and BottlePerm Fixture
  • Also does headspace and dissolved oxygen testing
  • Travels well, even to customer site
  • High performance/low cost

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