For the pharmaceutical industry, building management systems, HVAC monitoring and control, the paper industry, research and many others.
Probes for Relative Humidity

When it comes to measuring humidity with the highest accuracy, the HygroClip2 probe is in a class of its own. Thanks to the new AirChip, it also boasts a unique calibration and adjustment process as well as many other innovations. At the same time ROTRONIC has also improved the sensor technology, taking humidity measurement to a whole new level of performance and reliability: the HygroClip2 probe offers the best possible reproducibility and guaranteed system accuracy of ±0.8 %RH and ±0.1 K.

Probes in the HygroClip2 series come in various versions: from a simple plug-in probe for handheld instruments and data loggers to highly developed cable probes for high temperature and other special
applications, we can provide you with exactly the right probe to suit your needs. Common to all is their high precision, which can be increased further by specifi c adjustments within our patented AirChip, making every probe in our range a high-end product for normal a nd industrial applications.

  • Measures relative humidity and temperature and calculates the d ew/frost point
  • Range of application 0…100 %RH / -100...200 °C (probe dependent )
  • UART interface
  • IP protection: IP65

HygroClip2 with AirChip3000 technology

  • Temperature compensation of humidity at 30,000 reference points . If programmed accordingly, it can self test and correct drift automatically
  • Freely confi gurable: signal scaling, alarm limits and data logging interval s can be set by the user
  • Active information and alarm generation
  • Combines an ASIC (application specifi c integrated circuit), a microcontroller and a memory (EEPROM) on one microchip
  • Thanks to the analog, freely scalable signal (2 x 0...1 V) and the UART interface, the chip canbe integrated not only in ROTRONIC products, but also in most O EM and customer solutions
  • Digital communication enables fast probe exchange without the n eed for adjustment
  • Can be used as a reference in system qualifi cation

1. Standard & high precision probes

HVAC, food industry, building services equipment, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries

2. Industrial probes

Food, paper, textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries Production environments, high temperatures, industrial manufacturing, drying processes, climate chambers

3. High temperature Handheld probe

Climate and temperature chambers, dryers, air ducts

4. USB probe

Residential and office rooms

5. Miniature probes

Museums, glass cabinets, building material tests, automotive and aviation industries, testing laboratories, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries

6. Flush mount probes

Medical technology industry, clean rooms, museums, hotels, ships, HVAC, exhibition rooms

7. Insertion probes

Water activity measurement
Portable measuring units with handheld instruments and data loggers

8. Web probe

Paper and printing industries, production and processing of textiles and all types of production webs

9. Sword probes

Paper, printing and textile industries with handheld instrument s and data loggers

10. OEM probes

OEM, HVAC, climate chambers, snow guns and meteorology
Industrial manufacturing, drying processes

Probes for Temperature

Pt100 probes
  • All Pt100 probes are Class A sensors 4-wire with a 4-pin Binder connector plug.
  • Steckertyp: Binder 4-pol Stecker.
  • Tou90: Response time to reach 90 % of an actual temperature change (air/water) with an air fl ow velocity of 2 m/s

Pt100 temperature sensors
  • A Pt100 sensor changes its electrical resistance with changes in temperature. Its resistance value is 100 Ohms at 0 °C.
  • This characteristic is used in a bridge circuit to generate a signal suitable for further processing.

Probes for Hydrogen Peroxide Environments

 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used to sterilize cleanrooms, incubators and other equipment. In this process the air is saturated by gassing or spraying, resulting in the formation of a microfilm on all surfaces. The hydrogen peroxide kills off all microorganisms. The H2O2 is then either recovered mechanically or allowed to decompose naturally over a period of 48 hours to harmless H2O or O2. The humidity level during the application is crucial for the effectiveness of the process.

Standard humidity sensors have difficulty measuring accurately in high concentration H2O2 environments. The Hydrogen Peroxide inhibits the measurement of water vapour by occupying the pores on the surface of the sensor. This is why ROTRONIC has developed a special sensor, the HYGROMER® HH-1. The life of the sensor is greatly extended compared with that of the standard sensor for these applications. Please see the sensor data sheet for exact technical data on the sensor.

  • Measures relative humidity, temperature and dew point
  • With HYGROMER® HH-1 sensor for hydrogen peroxide environments
  • Highest possible measuring accuracy
  • Conforms to FDA CFR21 Part 11/GAMP