Although ROTRONIC probes have excellent long-term stability, we still recommend that their calibration be checked regularly. One calibration per year is normally sufficient. Some of our customers, however, calibrate their probes more often; the range of calibration intervals extends from once a year to calibration before every measurement – depending on internal quality assurance procedures. The long-term stability of ROTRONIC probes is better than 1 %RH per year under normal conditions. These exist when the concentration of contaminants/pollutants in the air does not exceed maximum allowable concentration (MAC) levels.

Why is calibration essential?
Many companies today work to ISO 9000 standards and are therefore obligated to calibrate their measuring equipment on a regular basis. Regulatory authorities such as the US FDA, EMEA, and Swissmedic also demand that measuring instruments are calibrated with traceability to national standards. Internal company quality standards may also specify that a specifi c measurement accuracy must be achieved and that this must be verifi able at all times. It is therefore in the interest of every user to have equipment calibrated and adjusted regularly in order to obtain the best possible performance. We offer calibration devices for all our probes. We can even supply you with suitable devices for the calibration of probes from other manufacturers.


Portable humidity and temperature generator to calibrate humidity and temperature measuring instruments (multi-point calibration).


The HygroGen2 is an autonomous, portable generator for calibration of humidity and temperature measuring instruments. The generator sets a new standard in portable calibration. The HygroGen2 works like a "mobile calibration laboratory" and is intended for companies that regularly need to calibrate a large number of probes. The calibrator allows simple, fl exible calibration with the advantage that the calibrated instruments can be quickly returned to service. The HygroGen2 offers numerous outstanding benefi ts particularly to the pharmaceutical industry.


• Generates a stable reference environment
• Reaches equilibrium humidity in typically 5 minutes
• Excellent temperature uniformity
• Suitable for all humidity and temperature probes
• Calibrates up to 6 probes simultaneously
• Standard range of application: 5...95 %RH, 0...60 °C
Extended ranges: 2...99 %RH, -5...60 °C (optional)
• Easy-to-use touch screen monitor
• DVI interface for external monitor
• USB interface for connection of keyboard, mouse and ROTRONIC HC2 probes
• The integrated HW4 software ensures easy calibration and adjustment of all ROTRONIC probes
• External heated connections for a dew point mirror reference are standard. This allows the user to adjust the reference probes with extremely high precision or to reduce the total calibration uncertainty
• The water quality is kept at a high level by a UV sterilizer, preventing algae and bateria growth
• Automatic calibration of HC2 probes (optional)

Humidity standards (single-point calibration)


On-site calibration and adjustment of ROTRONIC probes (third-party probes also possible). With the humidity standards, a calibration device and the HW4 software running on a PC, this is easy to do. It is also possible to calibrate and adjust probes with the handheld instrument HP23-A (HW4 software then not necessary).


• Traceable to national standards
• Ampoules contain unsaturated salt solutions
• Inexpensive calibration on site
• Simple and safe use
• Unlimited lifetime
• Practical packs of 5 ampoules of the same humidity value
(approx. 0.8 ml per ampoule)

Calibration devices


ROTRONIC calibration devices are small, airtight chambers that precisely fit ROTRONIC probes. The lower part of the device consists of a screw-on lid into which the humidity standard is poured on to an absorbent textile pad. The specified humidity is generated in the calibration device after a stabilization period. Stabilization takes longer for high humidity values. The probe can then be calibrated or adjusted by comparison with the reference value of the humidity standard.