Features Of Software versions HW4 & SW21

• Instrument monitoring
• Recording of measured values on a PC
• Alarm functions
• Tabular and graphical display of measured values
• Room layout graphic with live measured values
• Instrument confi guration
• Programming and data retrieval from data loggers
• Probe calibration and adjustment
• Psychrometric parameters
• Assignable user rights

HW4: Software editions

Visualization of multiple loggers and measured values Monitoring (1 instrument at a time), data logger programming, data retrieval, scaling, instrument settings, alarm function, service and configuration tool for ROTRONIC instruments, time synchronization, adjustment and calibration of ROTRONIC probes. No password protection.

Qualification / Computerized system validation
Data integrity and security are of essential importance today. Companies in the pharmaceutical, food, and medical technology industries must prove that their data is measured and managed reliably. For this they require software and devices that can be validated. Combining ROTRONIC HW4-compatible instruments and software, ROTRONIC provides solutions in which validation plays a central role. The instruments and software are validated and compatible with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (directive of the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA) and GxP.
Network applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries
All function of the standard edition
Fulfils the requirements for electronic data records and signatures (21CFR Part 11, Annex 11)
Grouping of devices, graph overlays, printing of reports

Network applications with integration in the customer's own software tools
All functions of the Professional edition and fulfills requirements for electronic data records and signatures (21 CFR Part 11). GAMP5 compliant.
Contains an OPC server with which the data can be integrated into the customer's own software

Professional Edition software with full functionality including OPC for HygroLog NT, HygroFlex, HygroLab, HygroPalm instruments. The trial version may be downloaded from the Internet tested for 30 days.

  • Viewing of measured values/Monitoring
  • Room layout
  • Archiving of data/File formats
  • Instrument configuration
  • Analysis and calculation tool - Psychrometric parameters
  • Statistical functions
  • Users and passwords
  • Alarms
  • OPC server (Object Linking and
  • Embedding for Process Control)

Software SW21


• Complementary software for confi guration and downloading of data from
the following instruments
- CP11: CO2 Handheld
- CL11: CO2 Display / Logger
- HF1: HVAC Transmitter
• Stand-alone version or integrated in HW4 software
• Display of measured values in tabular or graphic form
• Languages: English and German


  • CP11 / CL11
  • HxgroFlex1
  • Display of measured values