As a lubricant additive for:
  • Engines
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Compressors
  • Hydraulic Systems
Industrial gearboxes are expected to perform under conditions of high heat and heavy loads; and in environments often contaminated with dirt, process debris and water. Without adequate protection, gears will wear prematurely. Thus parts have to be replaced more frequently, oil should be changed more frequently, and worst of all, it will lead to equipment downtime.

To combat difficult conditions, and to overcome these problems, we offer this lubricant specially formulated for enclosed industrial gearbox applications.

  • Increased Gear’s Life
  • Enhanced Lubricating Oil Life
  • Reduced Noise of the Gear Box, Motors
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Reduced Frictional Loss , saves Energy
  • Increased Bearing’s Life

A brief description of different industrial establishments and the affected parts there are as follows:

1. Steel Plant ( Mini Steel Plants, Large Steel Plant, Rolling Mills, Machine Tools)
In hot and demanding steel manufacturing environments, gear oils need to provide protection under shock loading conditions and also survive excessive water contamination.

2. Large/Medium/Small manufacturing Plant:
General Industrial Gear Boxes : Textile /Jute Machinery & equipment, Mining Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment, Municipality Equipment)shovels, loaders, haul trucks, Wire rope, Mining gear Boxes etc.

3. Power Generation Industries:
Hydro-power generation, conventional steam and gas turbines , modern wind turbine generators .

4. Agriculture Industry:
Whether you are using tractors, bailers, trucks, air compressors, vacuum pumps or other agricultural machinery, keeping equipment running during critical periods is imperative. That can be difficult because of the harsh environmental and operating conditions – such as cold, heat, dirt and water – that can be detrimental to a lubricant's performance in your equipment.

5. Water & Wastewater Treatment Industry:
Motors, pumps, U-joints, shafts, countershafts, exhaust fan bearings and other parts of water purification Plant, Exhaust fans, Bearings, Gear Boxes, Open Gears, wastewater treatment plant.

6. Food machinery and Beverage production Plant:
Production line equipment including oven chains, air compressors, oil circulating systems, enclosed gears, industrial turbines, hydraulics and oiled bearings.

7. Oil and Gas Exploration Industry:
Diesel engines / diesel generators, Hydraulic systems, gearboxes, top drive units, Pumping station, compression unit , Transportation applications.

8. Construction Equipment:
Heavy-duty equipment used in the construction of streets, highways, bridges and buildings From bulldozers, dump trucks and draglines to scrapers and shovels.

9. Cement & Concrete Manufacturing industry :
Wide range of equipment, including ball mills, kilns, crushers, vertical mills, bucket elevators, conveyor systems and mobile plants. The critical equipment in these plants generally has to work 365 days a year.

10. Chemical manufacturing and processing equipment plant:
Rotary compressors, centrifugal compressors, ammonia chillers, hydraulic systems, pumps, electric motors and other equipment.

11. Mining Industry:
Longwall machines, roofbolters, shuttle cars, scoops, draglines, shovels, loaders, haul trucks. Wire rope, Mining gear Boxes , open gears of ball mills, rod mills or breaker mills.

12. Rubber & Plastics Industry:
Rubber mills and plastic manufacturing plants, gearbox, compressor or pump.

13. Paper & Pulp Manufacturing:
Washers & Beaters (Open Gears & Enclose Gears) Grinders & Fourdriniers Calendar with Open Gears

14. Refuse & Waste Management System:
Heavy Trucks, loaders, haul trucks etc.

15. Lumber & Wood Industry:
Heavy Equipment, SawMill , Traction Engine etc.

16. Other Miscellaneous Industries like Sand & Gravel ,Limestone:
Digging, dredging, hauling and pumping equipment.

Gear Box Oil & Greases:

To fight the constant battle against wear and tear as well as against deteriorating performance standard, proper use of gear oil is essential.
Gear oil is made up of two critical components: base oil and additives.

Additives impart desirable properties and suppress undesirable ones. The additive package is the backbone of the lubricant’s performance, and a strong backbone will provide the performance and protection you need. King’s ART is the best effective additive.

Engine Protector:

The revolutionary ART( Automatic Reconditioning Technology also known as Self Restoration Technique ) Nano-Additive ceramic coating technology by our principal Kings Art, Inc, may provide a significant restoration of an engine without disassembly. ART Nano- Additive can be used in Diesel, Gasoline, CNG/LNG/Ethanol Engines, and other rotating/ reciprocating assemblies (gears, bearings, Industrial Equipment etc.) where metal-to-metal contact produces wear. With the use of ART additive in your lubricating fluid, reduction of friction is very significant. This product has been tested extensively and is being used around the globe - in China, India, the USA and Thailand, and has been patented both in the United States as well as in Europe.

ART Nano- Additive has wide spread use in a number of industries, and the results have been extremely positive, with a significant decline in engine emission levels, energy savings up to 20% or more, an increase in time between scheduled maintenance, and an increase in engine performance. Some users have reported an engine life extension by almost two-fold.

Even with quality motor oils, when you drive your car friction gradually causes wear between critical-fit parts (piston and cylinder, for example), resulting in microscopic abrasion between the piston rings and cylinder walls. In high-mileage engines this abrasion is the reason for loss of compression and results in excessive blow-by. By the time an engine reaches 60,000+ miles or so, most cylinders will have lost 10% to 25% of original compression. Since no two cylinders are identical, uneven compression levels across the cylinders might show a variation of 20-60 PSI between cylinders in the same engine. Compression loss results in lower horsepower output, increased oil consumption, and sludge formation due to combustion blow-by. Historically, an expensive tear-down and rebuilding of your car or truck engine would be necessary to restore your engine’s performance.

ART Nano-Additive - (USA Patent) is the only product proven to repair worn cylinders and restore compression back to near original levels. That means your car will have more horsepower, consume less oil, get better mileage and perform smoother at a fraction of the cost of a traditional rebuild. All this, without ANY loss of the use of your vehicle.

ART Nano-Additive is the only lubricant additive to provide extraordinary protection beyond the range of ordinary motor oils, protecting your engine from excessive wear and tear under normal and severe operating conditions. It also works to quiet valve train noise such as lifter ‘ticking’. ART Nano-Additive won’t seal up engine oil leaks as it only works internally.

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