Continuous Black Carbon Analyser
The BC-1050 is simple, reliable, cost effective and produces defendable BC (Black Carbon) data with high time resolution that may be used for:
• Air quality surveillance
• Global warming studies
• Particulate emissions studies
• Near-roadside monitoring
• Visibility studies

• 1-minute resolution (1-hour default)
• 1 ng sensitivity
• 2 channels OC (375 nm) & EC (935 nm) are available
• Very inexpensive compared to competing products
• 16.7 LPM (“FRM-like) & 5 LPM configurations available
• Std. PM      cut point, with PM  or other cut points are available
• Outputs are virtually identical to competing brands
The Met One Instruments BC-1050 Black Carbon Monitor measures black carbon through optical
attenuation and absorption principles in both the infrared and ultraviolet spectral regions. The BC-1050 offers improved traceability for the measurement of black carbon (BC) compared to traditional filter-based optical techniques through its unique factory calibration process and through the incorporation of standard EPA-style sampling inlets.

This approach, which is based on the method used to both calibrate and operate the Instruments of beta attenuation mass monitors, will both insure an unbiased sampling protocol and improve inter-unit reproducibility of equipment returned for service and redeployment.

Measurement Principle:

As ambient air containing BC is continuously deposited onto optically transmissive filter media, the attenuation of dual IR / UV light sources passing through the collected BC is monitored. This information is stored and subsequently used to calculate both BC and UV-absorbing particulate matter. 

Time-resolution is user-selectable with 1-min minimum. The filter advance frequency is user selectable and may be based on either UV or IR absorbance reaching a predetermined level, or based on time (i.e., once each hour).