The most powerful package for optimizing your irrigation and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) decisions.
This AIO 2 integrates a unique low-power sonic anemometer, the Sonimometer™, with a multi-element temperature sensor, fast-response capacitive relative humidity sensor, state-of-the-art barometric pressure sensor, and an internal flux-gate compass for automatic alignment of wind direction to magnetic north for quick deployment (true/magnetic North offset is adjustable by the user through software command).

The result is a professional grade, next-generation, compact all-in-one weather station designed for reliability, longevity, and ease of installation which can measure temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and barometric pressure.

The small footprint and power efficiency of the AIO 2 make it ideal for remote regions, urban environments, air quality networks, construction/remediation sites, and other network applications.

Designed for maximum portability and utility, the AIO 2 is uniquely applicable for rapid deployment 
and use by one person under all conditions. The unit may be mounted on a tripod or vehicle mast.

Data logging: 
Data output is a serial, digital message that can be interfaced to most data logging systems. Software is provided for user interface. Options are offered for wireless communication.

Carrying cases, compact quick deploy lightweight tripod and external power options. 

• All-In-One Measurement of Temperature, Relative  Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Baro-metric Pressure
• Integrated Sonimometer™ Wind Sensor
• Automatic Wind Direction Alignment to Magnetic   or True North
• Rugged, Reliable, Quick to Deploy
• All Metal Construction
• Weather Protected Multi-Sensor Design
• No Moving Parts
• Low Power Consumption
• Digital Output
• Proven Field-Use History