For dust monitoring in Industries.


The EMS 2400 Opacity / Dust Monitor is a high performance opacity monitoring system with Single pass Transmission. The measuring system is based on the Opacity %. The Laser beam travels across the stack ( Single Pass ). The laser beam crosses the measuring section once only and the receiver unit measures the light beam’s weakening caused by dust content. The optical value is measured. Calibration check is performed by using optical filters.


EMS 2400 Laser Dust Monitor Stack mounting transmissometer sensor system consists of an optical transreceiver mounted on one side of the stack and receiver unit on the other. The Main light source is Electronically modulated and projects a Highly Collimated beam of laser, which is received in the receiver unit.


  • Uses high intensity Laser visible light – Excellent collimation and sensitivity.
  • Complies EPA Performance Spec PS1 CFR 40 Part 60
  • Complies TUV EN15267 – 1,2,3 and EN 14181
  • Complies M – CERTS BS EN 13284 - 2
  • Wide Operating Range.
  • Excellent Stability and Reliability.
  • No moving parts inside.
  • No need to use Mirrors and Lenses, Simple system.
  • Accommodates various stack diameters due to its wide laser travel path.
  • Standard Wavelength guarantees long terms accuracy and stability.
  • Easy to shift to different locations without factory calibration.
  • Narrow beam makes the alignment easy during installation.