Real-time particulate matter detection


Dekati® eFilter™ is completely new instrument that adds real-time PM detection into a standard gravimetric filter holder. Dekati® eFilter™ assembly is in one compact single unit with automated operation. Fits directly into all existing exhaust PM filter sampling systems including CVS tunnels. Real-time signal changes the standard filter holder into a sensitive, dynamic measurement instrument for modern routine emission measurements. Separate pump is used in the real-time detection module to make sure the gravimetric filter sampling is not affected by the real-time measurement.


  • Standard gravimetric filter measurement that meets US EPA requirements
  • Compatibility with existing gravimetric PM measurement filter holders and sampling systems
  • Automated and sensitive real-time PM measurement
  • Battery operated instrument with internal pump for real-time PM measurement
  • Fully automated operation; gravimetric filter flow automatically starts the real-time measurement
  • Plug-and-play and maintenance free instrument
  • Replaceable real-time detection module
  • Can be used inside a 47 °C cabinet
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Separate charging station with data transfer option
  • Data saved to a micro-SD memory card

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