For continuous or real-time measurement of water quality in:

  • Estuaries
  • Lakes and reservoirs
  • Streams, rivers, channels, or canals


Ideally suited for unattended monitoring conductivity, temperature, depth and dissolved oxygen in Coastal/Sea water. The instrument employs active flow control, passive flow prevention, light-blocking, active biocide injection and passive inhibitors to effectively and safely combat internal and external fouling. With fouling minimized, the superior inherent stability of the sensors translate directly to superior long-term data quality.


The cost of monitoring is tied to the instrument life cycle and real value is ultimately provided through quality data, day after day, month after month, year after year. The instrument provides quality data while dramatically reducing the need for field and factory service.


  • Robust- Excellent anti-fouling capability provided by EPA approved anti-foulant, internal, pumped flow path and external copper cladding and wiper
  • Accurate- High initial accuracy and low drift rate
  • Cost Effective- Typical deployment duration of 3- 6 months equals fewer site visits and lower operational costs year after year
  • Additional external port enables the easy integration of an additional sensor
  • Field check procedures ensure instrument accuracy