Waste water treatment near industries.



Water Health is a patented environment friendly product and uses a proprietary blend of extracts from several kinds of minerals and plants specifically formulated to consume organic waste.


SiO3, Al2O3 in Water Health react with N, P, and H2S, Water Health negative electrons neutralize positive ions to clean water. When water is treated with Water Health, cells may be broken down releasing air bubbles. These air bubbles contain sticky substance which cohere to the algae and organic sludge at the bottom and bring them to the surface.


Water Health effect ratio

  • Polluted water (20,000:1, 1 ton water / 50 ml)
  • Severely polluted water (10,000:1, 1ton water /100 ml)


  • It helps to break down and remove the organic sludge that’s responsible for the obnoxious and insidious odors
  • Water Health is safe for fish and rooted plants
  • Water Health can improve Dissolved Oxygen levels
  • Improvement of BOD & COD
  • Lasting protection against sludge and bluegreen algae
  • Removal of harmful matters: Phosphours, Nitrogen, Cu, Zn, Fe etc.
  • Removal of sludge at the depth of the waste water. We can see through to the bottom (Upto 3 meters)

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