• Indoor air quality investigations
  • Infection control in hospitals and veterinary clinics
  • Quantification of microorganisms in agricultural dust
  • Biological research
  • Infectious disease investigations in public buildings
  • Safety concerns in the food handling industry
  • Workplace exposures in industries such as pulp and paper mills or wastewater treatment plants


The BioSampler® collects bioaerosols in liquid for sample times up to eight hours when used in connection with the sonic-flow Vac-U-Go Sampler. Use BioSampler for IAQ investigations, infection control in hospitals and veterinary clinics, biological research, infectious disease investigations in public buildings, and safety concerns in the food handling industry.



  • Allows use of non-evaporating collection liquids
  • Significantly reduces particle bounce and re-aerosolization
  • Preserves microorganism integrity and viability
  • Reusable — can be autoclaved
  • Provides greater sampling efficiency over longer sampling time
  • Collected bioaerosols can be analyzed by a variety of methods


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