•  Stack testing according to USEPA methods 320 and 321 or European standards

•  Process monitoring

•  Formaldehyde emissions monitoring from biogas plants: VDI 3862 Blatt 8:2014-01

•  Stack testing according to British Technical Guidance note M22: Measuring stack gas emissions using FTIR instruments, Environment Agency, Version 3, March 2012

•  Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by cattle -research
Gasmet™ DX4000 is a portable FTIR gas analyzer which is typically used in stack emissions monitoring, comparison measurements, catalytic process control and other applications where multiple gas compounds need to be accurately monitored in hot & humid sample gas. The corrosion resistant sample cell is heated to 180 °C, which ensures that the sample stays in gaseous phase even with high concentrations of H2O or corrosive gases.

Gasmet™ DX4000 comes equipped with easy-to-use Calcmet™ software, which can display the concentration results in ppm, mg/Nm3 or Vol-%. All measurement data can be stored for further analysis.

Gasmet™ DX4000 is typically set-up to measure H2O, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, NH3, CH4, HCl, HF and different VOC´s. Additional gases can be added without any hardware changes. Measurement ranges can be selected from sub-ppm until vol-% level.

Gasmet™ DX4000 can be supplied with the Gasmet™ portable sampling system. This system utilizes hot-and-wet measurement principle (no drying or dilution), which ensures that the analysis is done with a representative sample. There are two stage particulate filtration: first one in sampling probe (2 µm) and second one in sampling system (0.1 µm).

The portable sampling unit can be optionally equipped with a ZrO2 sensor for accurate oxygen measurement.

Gasmet™ DX4000 has received the coveted MCERTS certification for stack emissions monitoring. There is also VDI 3862 standard for measuring formaldehyde emissions from biogas plants in Germany.

Key Advantages:
  • Easily configurable application for new gas components
  • Post-measurement data processing tools are unique to Gasmet
  • Wide range of applications

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