• Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Hazardous incident response
  • Special purpose monitor (SPM) and Near roadway air studies
  • Complement to regulatory compliance
  • Waste site remediation
  • Military/homeland security
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Near-roadway monitoring
Measures 14 simultaneous air measurements with Interchangeable Size Selective Impactors for PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0, PM10 or TSP particulates using Light Scattering Technique.

Any 4 EPA Gases of NO2 , SO2 , O3 , CO2 , HC, O2 , Methane using Electrochemical Sensors, VOCs using PID Sensor, Rain Guage, Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Relative humidity, Solar Irradiance, Sound, Atomic Radiation, ELF Radiation, Barometric Pressure, etc..


1. Portable direct reading

2. Haz-Scanner EPAS

3. Configure up to 14 simultaneous air measurements including U.S. EPA criteria air pollutants
  • Standard configuration measures PM10 or TSP particulates, NO2, CO, temperature, and relative humidity
  • Add one or all optional interchangeable sensors with upgradable software and/or EPAS-specific meters (for a total of 9 sensors/meters) as listed below. Choose from additional toxic gas (including methane), hydrocarbons, VOCs, and biological/chemical agent sensors and EPAS-specific meters for solar radiance/UV or IR, barometric pressure, sound/noise, atomic radiation, ELF radiation, rain, and wind speed/direction
  • Available analog input port for alternative meter
  • Interchangeable size-selective impactors are available for PM1.0, PM2.5, or PM4.0 (close approximation of respirable)
  • Monitor up to 2 PM sizes simultaneously

4. Real-time readings, datalogging capabilities
  • Optional wireless data transmission up to 5 miles
  • Optional Ethernet internet connection for 24/7 data reporting

5. Easily portable and deployable

6. Battery operated; AC and solar panel options

7. Network up to 8 EPAS to one central PC or Mac

8. Easy-to-use graph and reporting software compatible with PC and Mac

9. Measures ambient conditions; weather options available