To upload the data continuously online on a real-time basis to CPCB and State PCB's

Swan Enviro Watchware (SEW) is a multi-device, multi-protocol data acquisition software designed specifically for the Indian pollution monitoring industry. the software can communicate with various instruments such as Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Emission monitoring Systems, Water Quality Monitoring Systems, Noise Monitoring Systems etc., Some of the key features of the software are :

Robust Reporting: SEW comprises of suite of user -friendly reports that serve the needs of internal teams as well as compliance requirements. Reports that are part of SEW:
  • Live Dashboard
  • Data/Statistical Reports
  • Diurnal Reports
  • Alarm Reports
  • Summary Reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Automated Alerts through email and SMS
  • Provision for data upload to CPCB & SPCB

Regulatory Compliance: SEW has been built keeping in mind the compliance requirements of pollution monitoring authorities in India; namely the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), New Delhi and the respective State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). The guidelines and feedback is incorporated into the product in a continuous manner. SWAN has setup its own server at CPCB, Delhi to aggregate 24*7 live data.
Some of the compliance requirements are :
  • Continuous (24*7) daa transmission from the monitoring site
  • Geo-referenced display of live data
  • Data / Summary reports
  • Graphical display of historical trends.
  • Pivot report for custom data analysis
  • Remote calibration of instrument

Large Back-up Server with Powerful Software tool for uploading On-Line data & Raw data to CPCB / State Pollution Control Board, having key features:
  • Statistical data analysis for average, min, max diurnal variation, comparison of parameters at various locations, user selectable time formats etc...
  • Comparison of data with respect to standards / threshold values.
  • Auto Report Generation, Auto Mail Generation, etc..
  • Date Wise Pollution Report, Motion Chart, annotated Chart.
  • Provides diagnostics for instruments.
  • Provides calibration database for further correction of data.
  • Database correction with time stampings
  • Display of data on web browser and depiction of stations with geo-reference on maps.