Ultrasonic Bio-Gas Flowmeter

Bio-Gas flowmeter uses the latest ultrasonic transit-time differential method to measure natural gas flow and other kind of gases flow. With advantages of no moving parts, on pressure drop, wide range ability/turn down ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, it is capable of providing reliable accuracy in real time and needs no routine maintenance. It is widely applied in industries of petroleum, chemical, electricity, metallurgy, urban gas supply etc.

  • Digital display, functional and intuitive
  • No moving part, corrosion resistant, few pressure losses.
  • Ultrasonic technology, high precision, long lifetime, stable performance
  • No special maintenance for long time operation.
  • Highly integrated, good looking appearance, easy installation
  • Built-in industrial lithium battery
  • Strong corrosion resistance from high H2S and moisture
  • Low-flow measurement function available
  • All-in-one detect probe, measure flow velocity, temperature and composition directly.
  • Petrochemical
  • Urban nature gas supply
  • Bio-methane metering
  • Customized binary-component gases metering

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