River Water Quality Monitoring System

Multi parameter sensor platform for real-time measurement of BOD, COD, TOC and Coliforms (total, e.coli or fecal), pH, TDS, DO etc. It compensates for temperature and turbidity. It can be easily integrated with any telemetry / SCADA system and can also be used with existing logging devices with external RS232/Modbus/SDI 12. Its integrated datalogger can store 1,000,000 readings which can be viewed on mobile phone / tablet. The multi-probe can be configured to the users choice of parameters and offers a unique platform to add additional sensors.

Parameters :

BOD/COD/TOC/DOC, Coliforms (total, e.coli or faecal), pH, EC/Salinity/TDS, ORP/Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, Pressure, Nitrate, Chloride, Optical Brighteners, Ammonium etc.

Power option include internal lithium battery packs which are ideal for unattended logging ; or external power or solar panels.

  • Award-winning multi-parameter real-time sensor platform that accurately and reliably measures various parameters like BOD, COD, faecal coliforms etc. with UV Fluorescence Technology etc. in open channels for permanent and temporary applications.
  • It is the world’s first scientifically proven real-time sensor for measuring BOD in a wide range of applications.
  • TLF (Tryptophan-like fluorescence): Optical signal associated with free amino acid/proteins and amino acids bound in microbial cells.
  • A multiprobe that measures your choice of parameter, all in one package, that can deliver data in the toughest field conditions.
  • It has been designed for its ease of use, reliable data and economical operation.
  • Supplied with an integral wiper which cleans all of its sensors before every measurement cycle.
  • Can be effortlessly integrated with telemetry/SCADA systems and other datalogging devices with external RS232 / Modbus / SDI12
  • System is fully serviceable in the field, almost no maintenance
  • Power Options : Internal lithium battery pack, external power source (mains or solar).
  • Field-Proven Methods to Minimize Fouling
  • A Data Display for Every Application and Budget
  • River pollution monitoring and surveillance
  • Groundwater water quality monitoring
  • Survey tool combined with Bluetoothv
  • Point source solution monitoring
  • Total Coliform Monitoring (e.coli, total or faecal)
  • BOD loading to wastewater treatment works (WWTWs)
  • Combined Sewage overflow (CSO) event monitoring
  • Efficiencies of wastewater treatment works
  • Diffuse pollution monitoring

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