Swan Group of Companies

Pioneers in providing technological solutions to measure, monitor, analyze the ambient environment for over 30 years.

We have a wide sales and service network throughout the country

Headquartered at Hyderabad and strategically located, 12 branches and 16 sales and service centres.

Distributor to over 30 Principals

On-Line Monitoring Instruments

Monitor ambient air, stack emissions, effluents continuously 24 x 7 on a real time basis.

Air & Water Quality Monitoring Instruments

Portable, Benchtop, Handheld, Pole Mount Instruments for monitoring air and water pollution.

Industrial Hygiene & Safety Monitoring Instruments

Monitor workplace for sound, noise, heat, light, vibrations, gas leaks, dust etc. for maintaining occupational health & safety

Global Partners

Swan has strategically partnered with technologically driven companies around the globe to offer our clients exceptional products and services.

Providing World Class Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

We provide technology solutions that can measure, monitor and analyze the polluting parameters to maintain good environment viz., clean air and water.


Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems, Stations, Mobile Vans, Optional Analyzers etc. for ambient air as per NAAQS.

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Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for Stack Emissions, Automobile Emissions, Dust Monitors, PTH Analyzers etc. as per OCEMS

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Effluent Quality Monitoring Systems to Measure TOC / COD / BOD, pH, TSS, Temp., Flow etc. For STP, WTP, DWTP etc. as per OCEMS

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Portable Air Quality Monitoring Instruments to measure gases and particulate matter / dust.

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Portable Water Quality Monitoring Instruments to measure wet chemistry, level, flow, oil etc.

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R & D

Advanced research instruments to study about VOCs, GHGs, Emissions, Trace gases, aerosols, particles, bubbles etc.

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Why Choose Us?

Swan helps Industries to monitor its environment, R & D Institutions to do research on pollution, Governing Bodies to check pollution.

World Class Technology

Instruments built using Reference Standard Methods of India, US, EU, Japan, Korea etc. built with high quality.

Experienced Team

Technical team with over 3 decades experience study the requirements in detail and offer the best solution for you.

Trained Engineers

Engineers are trained by global principals to follow the guidelines and protocols faithfully during installation and service.

PAN India Support

With sales and service centres present PAN India, our representative can visit and offer you a quick solution.


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Our Clientele

We have a substantial clientele spread throughout India which includes Government Organizations, Industries, and Institutions.

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