pHotoFlex® STD Colorimeter with 6 wavelengths.

pHotoFlex® pH shows its strength with more complex tasks, with its unique multi-parameter function of photometry and full electrochemical pH- and ORP-measurement.

pHotoFlex® Turb is the "real" multi-parameter colorimeter with pH, ORP and turbidity measurement. The original colorimeter with 6 wavelength, full value pH, ORP and normative standard turbidity measurement.

pHotoFlex® STD

  • More than 150 programs for routine analysis
  • Test kits for every demand: from high precisely to easy, fast and economic
  • Storage with Identification Number (ID)
  • Datafilter for easy selection of data sets

pHotoFlex® pH

  • pHotoFlex® STD, plus
  • Electrochemical pH-measurement from pH 0–16.00 (± 0.01) for Standard DIN pH-electrodes
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Redox Measurement
  • 1-3 point calibration with calibration interval setting and calibration protocol

pHotoFlex® Turb

  • pHotoFlex® pH, plus
  • IR light source acc. to DIN 27027/ISO 7027
  • Turbidity measurement range from 0.01-1100 NTU/FNU providing drinking water accuracy
  • Longterm stable AMCO Clear Standards with ±1% manufacturing accuracy
  • The most versatile colorimeter for field and lab

    pHotoFlex® STD:

    For environmental monitoring, extensive water and comprehensive routine analytics in (mobile) labs

    pHotoFlex® pH:

    For more complex tasks in like environmental monitoring e.g. for water framework guidelines, process monitoring in changing sites and for fish hatcheries and aquaculture by determining NH3 and CO2

    pHotoFlex® Turb:

    For water analytics, environmental monitoring, aquaculture, serial testing and service labs with QA.

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