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Advanced Research Instruments

Advanced research instruments to study about VOCs, GHGs, Emissions, Trace gases, aerosols, particles, bubbles etc.

Ozone Precursors (PAMS 56) and Odor Monitoring System

This solution is provided worldwide for ozone precursors monitoring in ambient air.

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Portable VOC Analyzer

microVOC is a compact VOC analyzer which allows continuous and real-time qualification and quantification..

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Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer

Micro GC Fusion offers significant throughput gain through rapid temperature ramping and modular architecture.

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Splashproof Multigas Ambient FTIR Analyzer

GT5000 Terra is embraced by professionals working in various settings, ranging from worksite exposure monitoring..

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Portable FTIR Emission & Combustion Analyzer

GT6000 Mobilis is the new frontier of portable emissions monitoring. The analyzer is specifically designed..

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Green House Gas (GHG) Analyzer

It is based on combining ultra sensitive cantilever enhanced photoacoustic detection technology..

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Trace Greenhouse Gas & Isotope Analyzer

Acoem Spectronus is the only high accuracy multispecies trace greenhouse gas and isotope analyser based on Fourier..

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Trace Gas (SF 6, CFC, PFC, ETO) Analyzer

It is a stand-alone photoacoustic multi-gas measurement unit that can be easily integrated as part of a monitoring system.

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Single Three Wavelength Nephelometers

World-class aerosol monitoring & measurement. Around the world, atmospheric scientists..

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Holistic 3D Dust Monitoring System

The Integro™ LIDAR Network is a turnkey solution that effectively and efficiently monitors on-site..

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Speciation Samplers

Met One’s Speciation Samplers are designed to comply with and exceed EPA Speciation requirements.

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Multi Spectrum Black Carbon Analyzer

The Met One Instruments BC 1054 Multi-spectrum Black Carbon Analyzer continuously measures..

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Handheld Condensation Particle Counter (CPC)

Research grade Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) 0.15 micron (15ηm) minimum sensitivity.

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Hot-Wire Anemometer

Professional and compact Hot-Wire Anemometer for turbulence measurements and frequency analyses.

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Bubble Master

Void fraction measurement and simultaneous measurement of velocity and diameter of bubbles in a gas-liquid two-phase flow

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