Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System (CEQMS)

Online monitoring of effluents is mandatory for specific category of industries in India. However choosing right technology is important, as monitoring is not a short term job. The equipment need to be rugged, reliable (result comparable to lab data), economical, well supported by manufacturer and local distributor with inventory of spares and skilled manpower. The system shouldn’t require recurring cost in reinvestment for replacements at a later stage. Also, the instrument need to comply Local and International Standards. We at SWAN Environmental Pvt. Ltd., consider all the above points to be best choice for our customers.

We supply Water Quality Monitoring Systems , integrated with multi channel analyzers which accepts sensors like Ph, TSS, Flow, & TOC analyzer which directly measures COD / BOD / TOC and Flow based on ultrasonic or magnetic (users choice) flow meters with all options connected to Data Acquisition System or Data Logging System.

The Online BOD / COD analyzer based on Online TOC analyzer works on established CPCB recommended 680oC catalytic combustion and non dispersive infrared detection (NDIR) method based on USEPA/ ASTM methods. The data shows accuracy near to Lab analysis. This is important in case of later verification by regulatory authorities and comply to actual data.

Single stream and multi stream capabilities: The BOD/COD analyzers can take multistream inputs from different sources. More than one ETPs can use one Analyzer with this capability , reducing the cost of the investment drastically. However , the strategical suitability need to be confirmed by us, looking at sampling distances. Also, with two inputs, one can establish the efficiency of ETPs, by comparing data from influent and effluent.

Our single configuration for BOD , COD , TSS , Ph , Flow including Data uploading includes:

  • Online TOC Analyzer
  • TSS/MLSS sensor with analyzer
  • pH/EC sensor with Analyzer
  • Flow meter
  • Data Acquisition system with software
  • Data uploading software from DAS/Client PC to SPCB and CPCB
  • Other sensors/analyzers can also be integrated as per requirement
    • COD/BOD Monitoring using MCERTS Certified TOC Analyser (680oC Catalytic Combustion) which is in compliance with the regulatory methods specified in USEPA 415.1, ASTM 5310B, EN 1484 and CPCB.
    • Uploading of data to CPCB, SPCBs, PCC and company Corporate Servers.
    • Cloud server facility.
    • Remote calibration facility.
    • Monitor efficiency of ETP.
    • SWAN offers turnkey solutions for EQMS that span from design and detailed engineering, system integration, supply to installations, commissioning and uploading of data to PCB and company corporate servers.
    • SWAN offers entire range of associated products as part of EQMS solution that include prefabricated shelter, UPS, PC, Display Boards, Networking Components, Wi-Fi units, Gateways, A/D converters etc.
    • Requirements are thoroughly studied to identify the items needed & engineering carried out to bring out most economical and sustaining customized solutions.
    • Dedicated trained and experienced service team for after sales support across India.

    To estimate the quality of water by measuring the TOC / BOD / COD , pH , TSS , Flow , DO etc in effluents at STPs, ETPs, Industries etc.

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