VIS Spectrophotometer

The VIS Spectrophotometer is a multi-purpose meter for the use from water analysis. It offers the unique combination of systematic and spectral analysis in this class of spectrophotometers.

Well-proven and liked is the user guidance even for complex tasks. The brilliant HD color display supports menu-guided operations additionally with colored information and messages.

  • Wavelength range 320~1,100 nm
  • Tungsten-halogen Lamp
  • Easy to use: place cuvette, read measurement value
  • Automatic cuvette and measurement range detection for rectangular cuvettes
  • Programmed multistep- and multiwavelength methods
  • Standard methods such as UVT, SAC, coloration or chlorophyll
  • More than 250 test programs for water analysis, galvanics and general lab analytics
  • Comprehensive programming options for user defined requirements
  • Cell and reagent test kits with barcode for automatic program selection
  • Spectra and Kinetics measurements
  • Top reliability due to menu guided comprehensive Analytical Quality Assurance - AQA
  • USB and Ethernet-connections for easy update, print to PDF or printer, storage and data export
  • Multi-purpose meters for the use from water analysis and wine industry to research and education. For waste/drinking water, food & beverage industry as well as production, environmental monitoring or fish farming

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