Personal Gas & Vapour Sampling Media

These media can be used with personal sampling pumps to monitor gases and vapours.

Sorbent Tubes for Solvent Extraction

  • SKC produced the first commercial sorbent tube for NIOSH in 1973. High sorbent quality and and reliability. Reproducible recoveries and low standard deviation.
  • Adsorbent materials: Silica Gel, Anasorb, Charcoal, Tenax, Chromosorb, PUF, Porapak, XAD, Carbopack X etc.
  • For: hydrocarbons, mercaptans, methanol, amines, inorganic acids, aldehyde, ammonia, organic vapours, aromatics, aliphatics, benzene, organochlorine pesticides, PCBs, PAHs, volatile nitriles, pesticides, explosives and glycols etc.

Adjustable Low Flow Tube Holders

  • These products enable a sampling pump to be used with up to 4 sorbent tubes at the same time, either the same tube type running at different flow rates, or with different tubes running at the same or different flow rates.
    • Protective Tube Covers

      • These protect the ends of the tube for storage and transit. Collar clips are attached for convenience.
      • Low Flow Tube Covers with a Non-Adjustable Tube Holder are also available.
  • To use with personal sampling pumps for monitoring exposure of workforce to chemicals at workplace.

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