Integrated Dust Monitor

Integrated Dust Monitor is a self-developed extraction dust monitor. It uses laser forward scattering principle to monitor the dust concentration. It owns features of low detection limit (as low as 0.05mg/m3) , no interference by moisture with full-process high temperature heat tracing for measurement. It can be widely applied in stack emission, powder manufacturing and processing, and lab continuous monitoring.

  • Adopts laser forward scattering principle, high sensitivity and resolution.
  • It can be applied to high humidity occasions through the unique sampling design with extraction, heating and return mode.
  • Supports automatic purging to clean gas path and avoids dust blocking.
  • Support automatic zero calibration and span calibration.
  • Support automatic double range switching.
  • Simple disassembly and easy maintenance.
  • Adopts pitot tube isokinetic sampling method to control extraction flow rate.

Application for stack emission monitoring and process control such as coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plant, cement, ceramics, deSOx, deNOx technology

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