Odourous Sulfur Compounds Monitor

The TRSMEDOR® is an autoGC-ED (MEDOR® Electrochemical wet cell Detector) for the analysis and monitoring of sulfur compounds in air: H2S, Mercaptans, Sulfides.

  • Online analysis and monitoring of odorous sulfur compounds (H2S, Mercaptans, Sulfides).
  • TRSMEDOR is based on Gas Chromatograph - Electrochemical Wet Cell Detection.
  • ISO 19739:2004, DIN 51855/7, ASTM D 7493-08 Compliant.
  • Automatic calibration/validation of the data
  • Intelligent system with tunable and interactive alarm levels.
  • Automatic control with process device.
  • Remote monitoring & injection control
  • Fence line
  • Fermentation process
  • Deodorization process
  • Fugitive emission

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