Extractive Type Dust Monitor

Extractive type dust monitor is a high-temperature heat tracing extraction dust monitor for dust detection. Different from conventional in-situ scattering dust monitor, it extracts dust from flue (stack) in uniform speed to dust measurement module with full-process high temperature heat tracing for measurement. It owns features of low detection limit (as low as 0.05mg/m3), no interference by moisture, high measurement accuracy, and etc. It applies to low temperature and high humidity dust conditions of super clean emission and after wet desulphurization.

  • Adopts laser forward scattering method to detect dust concentration; low detection limit.
  • Full-process heat tracing, which heats water vapor to gaseous state to prevent dust from caking and blocking gas path when encountering water. Thus it applies to high humidity occasion.
  • Pitot tube isokinetic sampling method meets the technical condition of dust sampling
  • Supports automatic purging to clean gas path and avoid dust blocking
  • Supports automatic zeroing technology under high temperature and automatic calibration technology of all optical paths
  • Supports on-site manual span calibration
  • Supports automatic double range switching

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