Calorific Value (CV) Analyzer

The chromEnergy is an industrial gas chromatograph for analysis and monitoring of C1C6+ in natural gas and gaseous fuels by TCD detection

  • Automatic industrial gas analyzer which can measure hydrocarbons in natural gas and gaseous fuels.
  • Uses Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD).
  • Continuous monitoring with automatic online sampling.
  • A pressure safety is located at detector outlet to protect the filament.
  • Calorific value unit is configurable.
  • Full traceability of results and calibration, more than 10 years data storage.
  • Automatic control with process device.
  • Intelligence system with tunable and interactive alarms levels.
  • Heating value measurement
  • Natural gas composition
  • Propane composition
  • Product quality / process control

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