Gas Impurities Analyzer (N2, H2 etc.)

The chromaTCD is an autoGCTCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) for the analysis of permanent gases and/or hydrocarbons

  • For the analysis of permanent gases and/or hydrocarbons.
  • Continuous monitoring with automatic online sampling.
  • Analytical performances: Specific, linear and very sensitive TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) detection.
  • Automatic calibration/validation of the data from external cylinder.
  • Long term stability.
  • More than 10 years data storage.
  • Automatic control with process device.
  • Intelligents system with tunable and interactive alarm levels
  • Pure gas quality control : UHP (Ultra High Purity)
  • Process
  • Fermentation control
  • Dissolved oxygen in water

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