Spectral Sensors for Online Monitoring

The chemical-free spectral measurement allows a precise determination of the COD, nitrate, nitrite and total suspended solids. Due to the built-in ultrasonic cleaning system, a very long maintenance-free operation is possible. Accumulation of dirt and biofilm formation is gently but very effectively prevented in this manner. High-tech materials such as titanium and peek ensure an easy use in almost all and even corrosive media.

  • Measurement directly in the water body or with flow-through armature
  • Measurable Parameters: Color, TOC/COD/BOD, NO3, NO2, TSS
  • Reagent-free measurement
  • Reliable and high accuracy by turbidity compensation
  • Continuous, Digital, Compliant
  • Multi-functional slide and shock-absorption-rings
  • Robust materials such as Titanium and Peek
  • Integrated ultrasonic cleaning minimal maintenance
  • Spectral Range : 200-720nm for UV-VIS Sensors ; 200-390nm for UV Sensors
  • Municipal wastewater treatment inlet / outlet / biological cleaning
  • Centrate water
  • Micropollutant removal
  • Surface waters
  • Disinfection plants

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