Portable TOC / THC & NMHC Analyzer

The Nutech 3000 TOC (Total Organic Carbons) / THC (Total Hydrocarbons) & NMHC (Non-Methane Hydrocarbons) Analyzer is suitable for portable monitoring of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), CH4 (Methane) and NMHC in stationary source emission and fence line.

  • Adopts catalytic oxidation + double FIDs technology
  • Analyze TOC / THC & NMHC at the same time in one single unit.
  • Highly integrated design to ensure the total weight within 12KG.
  • High test efficiency. Low pre-heating time.
  • Large-capacity battery (45Ah) power supply, which can run for a long time even without utility power on site.
  • Detachable touch screen terminal with Wi-Fi communication
  • Measurement Range: 0~10/100/1000/10000mg/m³ (Extendable)
  • H2 is supplied by mini built-in metal hydride cylinder
  • US EPP Method 25 compliant.
  • Environmental inspection and law enforcement by government regulator
  • VOCs testing by commercial testing companies
  • Effectiveness evaluation of VOCs control measures
  • Self-inspection of VOCs emissions from chemical, printing and dyeing, spray painting companies
  • On-site detection and supervision of kitchen oil fume
  • On-site comparison with the results of online VOCs analyzer to determine whether the online analyzer’s result is accurate.
  • VOCs emission detection of combustion device exhaust

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