Portable Stack Gas Analyser - 8 Sensors

The IMR 2800P is a portable Flue Gas Analyzer for industrial applications. The rugged combustion analyzer can be equipped with up to 8 sensors. Its basic unit has an O2 Oxygen sensor , a CO Carbon Monoxide sensor, a NO Nitric Oxide sensor and a SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor. The other sensors are customer select-able as well as the measuring ranges. The IMR 2800P measures and calculates all the needed parameters to perform a thorough emission test.

  • The IMR 2800P is a portable, continuous measuring flue gas analysis instrument housed in an aluminum case.
  • It measures flue gas temperature, air temperature, Oxygen O2, Carbon monoxide CO, Nitric Oxide NO and Sulfur Dioxide SO2.
  • It can optionally measure Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, Sulfur Dioxide SO2, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrocarbons HC and much more.
  • Combustible calculations like Losses, Excess Air and Carbon dioxide CO2 are standard as well as the measurements for Draft and optionally Soot.
  • 23 Fuels are programmed – 4 fuels are free programmable
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Integrated self-check program
  • Simultaneous display parameters on the illuminated display
  • Printer with programmable print out cycles
  • RS232 (DB9/USB)
  • Standard deviation and average value calculation
  • Draft measurement with optional upgrade for differential draft and velocity measured with a Pitot tube
  • Unit selection : ppm – mg/Nm3– mg/Nm3(ref O2)
  • Gas sampling probe E – length 0.8 ft (250mm), hose 8 ft (2.5m)
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Power supply 110V or 230V or 12VDC Power Jack
  • Combustion and emission control research
  • Certification of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS),
  • Combustion efficiency monitoring for various industrial furnaces or refuse incinerator and boiler.

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