TUV (India) certified SO2, NO & NO2 Analyzer

Flue gas analyzer for environmental and industrial control site monitoring online analysis. The analyzer is based on UV-DOAS and chemometric algorithms (PLS) , able to measure SO2, NO, NO2, etc. With high accuracy and reliability, fast response time, wide self-developed and industrial measurement range and application fields, it has surpassed similar products. It can be widely used in environmental online monitoring, industrial process control, safety monitoring, etc.

  • UV-DOAS + PLS technology, small amount of zero drift & span drift.
  • Uses Ultraviolet light and has no moisture absorption and is undisturbed by moisture and dust.
  • No cross interference between the gas being measured
  • NO and NO2 can be measured at the same time, dispense with converter.
  • Low detection limit
  • Modular design.
  • No optical moving parts and no vibration influence.
  • Strong gas cell, low cost.
  • Spectrum automatic adjustment technology, long free maintenance cycle.
  • Light source adopts the pulse source.

To monitor the stack emissions continuously for air pollution from industries.

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