Deployable Particulate Sampler (DPS) System

The Deployable Particulate Sampler System fits in one compact, portable carry case and is ideal for ambient and indoor air sampling for PM10 or PM2.5. The system includes a fully programmable Li-Ion-powered sample pump for 24-hour sampling, specially designed sampling head, and accessories for fast deployment and effective sampling.

  • 24-hour ambient PM10 or PM2.5 sampling
  • Compact and portable — only one case!
  • Modular components and quick-connect tubing for fast setup
  • Patented IMPACT sampling head available for PM10 or PM2.5
  • Ideal for remote locations or indoor air sampling
  • Features highly accurate Leland Legacy sample pump
  • Disposable ready-to-use impaction discs - no cleaning or greasing
  • The Leland Legacy pump is quiet, fully programmable, and provides a constant 10 L/min flow rate for 24 hours, making it ideal for environmental monitoring or indoor air studies

Environmental monitoring or indoor air studies

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